The Lawn-Boy 10640 Push Mower Reviewed

For more than one hundred years Briggs & Stratton has brought us some of the most reliable lawn mower engines and small engines world wide. The Lawn-Boy 10640 push mower is an easy to use and maintain. It is an affordable, quality mower featuring a quick and easy start system with options to mulch, bag, or side discharge and easy blade adjustment with seven heights from 1 to 4 inches. Large wheels and the adjustable cutting height make mowing simply a breeze. The 20-inch steel cutting deck is perfect for mowing in tight spots and the one piece handle makes for easy maneuvering.

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This mower comes with a guaranteed to start on one or two pulls for three years and is backed by a two-year Warranty that offers full coverage of materials, components, and workmanship. There is a three-year warranty on the engine.

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Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.75-Gross-Torque Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower – Product Features

  • 6.75 GT 675 Series Briggs & Stratton
    Ready Start Engine
  • Push mower
  • 20-Inch Steel Cutting Deck
  • 3-in-1 to bag, mulch or discharge grass clippings
  • Non-CARB compliant; not for sale in California

Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.75-Gross-Torque Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower – Review

Most reviewers agreed and were impressed with the good performance of this quiet, relatively lightweight (compared to others they had owned) push lawn mower with some saying that it was the best one they had ever owned. People said it is easy to maneuver and maintain. Most commented on the fact that it’s performance was not hindered in tall or thick grass. People were saying that this mower has a smooth quiet engine and nearly everyone was agreed that the Briggs and Stratton engine is a big plus for this mower….

Although a few parts are updated the core of this engine is pretty much the same as the engines the company has been making for decades (definitely a top quality engine).One reviewer said that a properly maintained Briggs and Stratton engine can easily be reliable for many years and it will outlast nearly all electric lawn mowers in it's class.

The same man said he worked with his parents in their landscaping business while growing up and in his opinion as a residential mower this one is a great deal for your money. He mentioned also that the steel cage for the bag locks easily and securely into steel brackets at the bottom of the handlebars.

The overall deck shape is conducive to good air circulation and channeling of cut material into the bag although almost all reviewers stated that the bag is too small and the area channeling the grass into the bag is only about 3″ x 5″ saying that as a mulching mower it can’t be beat but they were not impressed with the bagging capability.

You can ask for a side chute which they will send you free after you register the mower. There is a box to click on when you register and also a form that comes with the mower to fill out and send inl. Most people do not want the side chute which is why they do not include it in the beginning.

Many were happy with the fact that the Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.75-Gross-Torque Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower deck was made of steel and not plastic as so many of the newer mowers are these days which does add somewhat to the weight but is a good trade off. People said the handle height adjustment worked well. There were some who thought the handle should be padded and some people padded their own while others purchased the padding.

One owner had these this to say

“It’s relatively quiet, starts easily, and holds level RPM through any kind of cutting resistance. It’s a bit heavier than others, but that’s good for exercise and I suppose the weight is indicative of the higher quality of the components. The only problem was slight shipping damage that required me to pull out some pliers and bend the wheel-height locking mechanisms back into place.”

Another reviewer said this

“I have had this mower through 2 summers now. I wanted a good mulching mower that was not self-propelled. Just went outside and started this thing up for its third summer and it still runs like a champ.
Probably the only thing i would change is the handle joint connection. I have to fit it in a small shed and need to fold the handle down every time, and it takes a couple minutes to work the bolts/connectors to the point where i can fold it down.” .

The most common complaint we found was the fact that the packaging was not good enough. Several people stated that the packaging was damaged and that they received their mower with damage to the rear height adjusters (sometimes a little and other time more than a little.) People needed to use pliers to pry them back into place.

One man said it like this:
Quote “The packaging which is flimsy and has no handles to grasp. The delivery guy couldn’t hold onto it. It was obvious the package was dropped several times causing damage to the rear height adjusters and put the right rear wheel out of alignment. The damage was repaired with pliers and a crowbar. In summary excellent mower rotten packaging.”

Still others complained that the motor oil in the package was punctured and that oil had leaked all over everything and was a big mess.

One man obviously did receive a lemon though (which can of course happen with any purchase) and even though he added oil and gas as instructed the lawn mower threw a rod after running ran for only about two minutes. Bad customer service and local dealers would not take it apart as they said the warranty would not cover it because it was not purchased from them. He said he contacted Lawnboy and even offered to send pictures they still would not take his name and give him a claim number and of course the fact that he himself took the engine apart made the warranty of no use to him.

Most reviews were very positive 4 and 5 star ratings for the Lawn Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.75-Gross-Torque Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower and the biggest problem people had was the fact that the packaging is not sufficient to keep the mower safe during shipping and it is possible that sometimes parts can get damaged especially the parts mentioned above.

6 Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

raised garden beds

Raised bed gardening can help to simplify the control of pests and weeds, increase yield, use space more efficiently, and improve drainage.

Here are six of the benefits associated with raised bed gardening:

1 – Access

A raised garden means less time is spent stooping to complete the garden work. The extra height of these gardens makes them a practical choice for those with back or knee problems. Also, a raised bed at 2-feet by 3-feet is a practical size for those confined to a wheelchair. A sturdy frame for the raised bed with large timbers even offers the benefit of being able to sit next to the growth space to complete the regular maintenance.

2 – Drainage

A raised garden bed can be constructed to match the specific needs in relation to drainage. Certain soils can drain too slowly or too quickly, so a purpose-made garden can help to minimize these issues. Mixing the soil to match the specifications – clay or sandy soil – is certain to help maintain a reliable drainage system.

3 – Pests

Most pests are easily controlled should they get established in a raised bed. Birds are easily blocked from attacking the plants using row covers or netting, while metal screen are another preventative measure. Protecting the raised bed within its self-contained space is much easier than a conventional garden. Plus, the extra height of the beds makes it more convenient to remove slugs or snails should they appear.

4 – Soil

Soil quality in the raised bed garden is often at a higher grade compared to the traditional gardens because it is a lot less compacted (no need to step in the area of the plants). Plus, the raised bed can be filled with high-quality soil amendments and fertilizer to ensure it promotes the growth of the plant life. Plus, the nutrient-rich soil is kept within the confines of the raised bed to ensure none is wasted.

5 – Weeds

A raised garden is usually dense with plant life which makes it possible to crowd out the growth of weeds. Plus, raised beds with high sides are practical for blocking rhizomous plants to blowing seeds. But, if there are problems with weeds, a weed cloth can be applied to help with blocking most. By minimizing the areas of bare soil in the raised bed, there is much less likelihood of weeds colonizing the area.

6 – Yield

Soil in a raised bed can heat up at a faster rate compared to standard garden soil. A benefit of this is the ability to plant earlier in the season. Plus, the less compact soil means roots can easily move through the bed in search of nutrients. Also, this gives the option of being able to plant the fruits, vegetables, or flowers more densely.

A further reason for a higher yield with raised beds is the ability to devote more space. A regular garden relies on paths or similar areas to move about. This redundant space is much smaller with the raised bed which creates more space for the plant life to grow.

9 Great Rock Garden Ideas

rock garden ideas

A rock garden design can provide a rugged, natural beauty to a plain backyard area, including areas that cause difficult growth conditions like steep hillsides.

Here are nine ideas for effective rock garden designs:

Color and texture

More interest can be added to the garden with the introduction of colorful blooms and striking foliage. Colorful plants like the petunia and candytuft are perfect to complement the green foliage of the juniper or similar low-growing plants. An all-season groundcover can provide a variety of benefits from its drought-tolerant abilities to fill-in spaces among the rocks.

Cottage garden

A cottage garden inspired look is achieved with the addition of flowering plants that appear among the rocks. Use warm colors like yellow, red, and pink to help create a more cohesive look. A low-maintenance garden is possible when planting the right types of plants.

Front yard

Even with a plain landscape it is possible to create a site that appears naturally rocky with a foundation of boulders. Blend in low-growth alpine plants like the Potentilla, Phlox subulata, and Aubrieta ‘Royal Blue’ to create more interest. Plus, use plants like the Dianthus ‘Tiny Rubies’ and Gypsophila franzii to fill any sizable crevices between the rocks.


The majority of rock garden plants is able to naturally grow in high-altitude locations such a high up on mountains. This means the plants are more resilient to the difficult climate conditions like drought, winds, and sun. A design for the yard can consist of wildflowers to create the desired scene with a choice of complementary hues. Combine groundcovers with mounded plants to help achieve more vertical interest.

Hillside solution

A yard with sloping surfaces is easily transformed with a diverse arrangement of rock garden plants and boulders. An eye-catching display is achieved with the introduction of cannas, ornamental grasses, Japanese maples, yucca, pines, and creeping cedar. A natural display of this nature is appreciated for the ability to stay colorful and vibrant year-round.


When designing the rock garden it can benefit to divide the overall landscape to create distinct landscape areas with vibrant colors to neutral stones. Bright and colorful plants are certain to stand out against the standard gray-green foliage. Plant the low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plants to minimize the work needed to maintain the attractive appearance.

Sculpturally pleasing

In the process of picking and choosing plants for the garden design it makes sense to look at color and form. Combine dwarf conifers and perennial plants to help add height and texture year-round. Softly enhance the large rocks to give a more interesting look.

Textural displays

A rock garden displays more visual interest when combined with rocks and plants at different scales and textures. A combination of perennials, shrubs, and conifers is certain to help with creating the vibrant landscape that offers colorful blooms and foliage. A winding pathway, dry creek bed, or Mexican pebbles are the practical choice to introduce more drama.

Year-round appeal

A rock garden is easily extended to offer all-season appeal by including a variety of evergreens and fall foliage.