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Cartridge bearings

Demystifying Cartridge bearings: The Key to Smooth and Reliable Cycling cartridge bearings are often touted as one of the most important components on bikes, but many riders don’t fully understand them and what makes these bearings so important. While their function is relatively simple, they can make a huge difference to your ride quality and […]

wheelset brands

wheelset brands: Trifox Bike In the world of biking, having the right wheelset is essential to making sure your ride is perfect. It’s also important to make sure your wheelset brand is reliable and offers the highest quality product available. There are many different wheel brands from which to choose, and one of the most […]

mtn bike frame

Buying a mountain bike is a big investment and getting the right mountain bike frame is one of the most important factors in ensuring you have the right bike. Having the wrong frame can lead to wash-outs or worse yet, injury. The frame is the foundation of the mountain bike, so it’s important that you […]