Exploring the Versatility of Fat Frame

Fat frames, also known as thick frames, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite their bulky appearance, they offer tremendous versatility for eyeglass wearers and can be used for a variety of occasions. From sophisticated boardroom meetings to everyday weekend errands, a fat frame can be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

At their core, fat frames are most commonly rectangular frames that are wider than usual. These frames tend to have a thicker temple arms and can have varying degrees of rectangularness. They look good on all faced shapes but particularly suit oval-shaped faces.

Their versatility is their main attraction. The thick frames provide great protection from the sun’s UV rays and enough room for prescription lenses. A fat frame can go from day to night without anyone noticing. Not to mention, with the right modifications, they can look great on anyone. Fat frames compliment all season’s fashion trends and provide that extra outfit boost.

These frames also provide some unique benefits. For starters, they hold up exceptionally well. The temple arms of fat frames are thicker and provide extra durability. This makes them less likely to break compared to other types of frames, making them a good investment for people who are active and regularly on the go.

In addition to their durability, fat frames also offer better coverage for eyes. They offer more coverage and seal in more light, which can be great for long days outdoors or any activities that are particularly bright or intense. They provide more shade and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, making them even more attractive to those who have to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Finally, fat frames are also a great choice for those who want to show off their personal style. With a range of colors and designs, these frames are very versatile. From classic black and clear frames to bold statement pieces, there’s something for every style and aesthetic.

Fat frames offer a unique combination of fashion and function that make them a great choice for those who want the perfect accessory that can go from boardroom to beach without breaking the bank. Not to mention, the extra protection that they offer from the sun’s UV rays make them an appealing option for those who have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you’re looking for an everyday frame to complete your look or a statement frame to convey your style, fat frames are worth exploring.

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